We combine elements of journalism, storytelling and marketing to produce and distribute compelling content designed to meet your business objectives.

We manage the process from the start to finish, and can distribute that content across all forms of the ever-changing media landscape.

Our Services

Content Marketing

Do you create content that educates, informs and entertains your target audience? Do they share that content and take the action you want them to take?

Compelling content ignores the hard sell and instead focuses on being useful and helpful.

Whether it’s a customer magazine, educational ebook or how-to video, your content also needs to work hard to get noticed in today’s era of information overload.

To do that it has to turn heads and stop people in their tracks. Mediocrity no longer makes the cut.

That’s why it pays to invest in effective, professionally produced content that enhances your reputation and convinces your target audience to take action.

Our team of experienced journalists, editors and designers know more than most how to produce high-quality written and visual content.

And we back it up with a comprehensive strategy designed to attract, engage and drive action from your leads, prospects and customers.

Content Strategy

All good content is backed up by consistent editorial planning, and doomed to fail without another key ingredient – engagement.

If content is King, engagement is Queen and you need both to succeed.

Some key elements in how we create and implement effective content strategies:

  • Brand and competitor analysis
  • Customer research and analysis
  • Existing content audit
  • Content strategy development
  • Editorial planning
  • Content creation
  • Distribution and outreach strategy
  • Key metrics measurement
  • Review, tweak and improve

Content production without a strategy is like a Formula One car without an engine – an impressive and expensive product that goes nowhere.

The step-by-step process outlined above helps produce high-quality content backed up a comprehensive strategy that engages and inspires action from your target audience.

Custom Magazines

When a Facebook ad flashes past in the blink of an eye, how compelling is the idea of gaining a potential customer’s attention for – say – more than 30 minutes?

During that time they’ll also get to know you better, think more highly of you and be more likely to buy from you.

Little wonder that more brands are turning to a content marketing strategy first developed by an agricultural manufacturer in 1895 – the custom magazine.

More than 120 years later, Deere and Co. still publish The Furrow, a monthly magazine that helps over 1.5 million farmers in 40 countries grow their businesses.

Today many more companies – large and small – are discovering the benefits of producing a quality printed publication in a world where information consumption is dominated by social media, websites and apps.

Some benefits of custom magazines

A custom magazine produced by Two Web Feet for Rosemount Kitchens in Melbourne. Click the cover to see the full magazine.

  • Provide a brand with superior positioning and awareness
  • Inspire increased reader trust, loyalty and associations with the brand
  • Increase reader attention, engagement and cut-through in a world dominated by fast-moving online information
  • Persuade leads and customers to contact the brand or visit its website
  • Give a brand complete control of its message
  • Enable a brand to communicate multiple key messages to target audience

Few marketing tools impress a reader more than a professionally produced magazine.

People love consuming magazines, and brands benefit enormously from their association with a much-respected printed form.

A company can often produce its own custom magazine for less than the cost of a full page advert in a big publication.

Don’t miss out on your chance to create a beautiful tailor made publishing product that wows your target audience.

Our experienced team of journalists, editors and designers create custom magazines designed to meet a company’s objectives and engage readers.

Find out if we can help you create your own custom magazine.

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